Driving traffic from SEO, PPC and other Online Marketing Methods is really quite easy. Driving it effectively and affordably is another issue for another day.

The real question you MUST ask is, “Once the prospect lands on my website, will they be lead to taking the action that I want? Will they make a phone call for more information or fill out the online form to request more information?”

This is where most websites fail – miserably.

There are a few basic concepts that will aid in helping increase conversions on your website.

  • Phone Number Placements : Your contact information, mostly your phone number should be in 2-3 places on every page. At a minimum, at the top of the page, and at the bottom of the page.
  • Calls to Actions : Are there calls to action telling the prospect what to do next? Do you have text before your phone number that says, “Call today to save $$$” and such. Is there Ad Copy placed strategically throughout the website? Copy like, “No one offers a better price!”
  • Form Request On Every Page : For some industries, placing a form request on the top of every page is absolutely critical.
  • Client Testimonials : They should rotate on Every Single Page. Just having them on every page, near the middle or top of the page can make a huge difference in making the prospect feel more comfortable about taking the action.
  • Website Navigation : In the “old” days of the Internet, we had the 3 Click Rule – Can the prospect find everything they are looking for in less than 3 clicks? Today, that should be in one click most of the time. This requires that your page navigation has drop down or fly out menues to show pages below pages in the navigation structure.

These ideas are a very good start on increasing your website conversions.