There are TWO problems

ALL businesses have.

Can you GUESS what they are?

Getting Customers … and Keeping Them!


We are too busy with day to day operations

to focus on getting new customers all the time,

and we spend even less time

trying to keep the ones we have.

Keeping Your Customers

It’s EASIER and CHEAPER to keep a customer, than get a new one.

You Must Engage, Be Encouraging, and Develop a Conversation.

Social Media, Emails, Phone Calls, Newsletters, Text Messaging
Getting New Customers
~ The OLD Ways ~

Cold Calls – Direct Mail – Print Publications – Television / Radio

Still works for some businesses.

~ The BEST way ~


We can help build more referrals!


The Internet

Works for ALL businesses!

It’s where everyone is at.

Works for B2C and B2B.

The place to get leads and sales today, but it’s difficult because of the tremendous complexity.

Internet works best when you have a single, coordinated strategy.

How Do We Do This?

Website Design and Development

Modern and Responsive

Local SEO and Review Sites

Google, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, NextDoor


Content Creation

Words, Images, Videos

Online Advertising

Competition, Search, Content, Client Profile
Google, Bing / Yahoo, Facebook, Craigslist

Social Media and Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, Alignable, NextDoor


We will look at what you are doing, what you have done,

what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and then …

We will create a 6-12 month customized

STRATEGIC PLAN for your business

that will increase your prospects, leads, and sales,

and then we will implement a process

to help you keep the customers you have.

Online Consulting – Website Design & Development

Internet Marketing & Advertising

~ WHY US? ~

20+ years

250+ websites

100’s of businesses

$30,000,000+ online sales

Internet Marketing successes

We learn your business and clients


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