PPC – Pay Per Click Marketing

There are the Search Networks and the Content Networks, and they require two or three different strategies to implement and run successfully. And, what works for one industry or business vertical, might not provide online advertising success for another. Google and Bing / Yahoo are the initial players you should start with, but Facebook is becoming a must network to work in because of it’s fantastic targeting.

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

Developing and maintaining a very large number of keywords and keyword phrases helps to target not only those prospects that are specifically searching for what you offer, it also helps to build your “long tail” search. Through diversification and the use of hundreds or thousands of keyword phrases, you can be guaranteed a profitable campaign.

Proper Analysis

The tracking, reporting and most importantly, the analysis of the data collected is critical to provide guidance in understanding the behavior of your web site visitors.

Well Written Ad Copy

This is the key failure for most pay per click campaigns. Most Internet Marketers do not have a background grounded in Sales, therefore, they write poor ad copy that doesn’t properly target the correct online audience.

Diversification with Varied Online Marketing Channels

Although most of your online sales will come through Google Adwords, at least for most clients, diversifying your portfolio of online marketing channels not only brings in more prospects and sales, it also minimizes your advertising risk, and allows a branding across all levels and tiers of the Internet.