There are hundreds, likely thousands of ecommerce systems to use to build your online store with.

  • Free systems like Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, etc.
  • Third party, monthly fee systems like: BigCommerce, Monster Commerce, Volusion, etc.
  • There are some that only charge if you make a sale

We have worked with and/or tested many of the free ecommerce platforms and many of the third party systems. We reached a conclusion that the best way to approach ecommerce is to follow the old adage: Keep it Simple Stupid – but keep it feature rich and maintain the ability to have full control of the code so that there are never limitations on what you might want your store to do.

WooCommerce is our choice. It’s an ecommerce plugin for WordPress, and it’s the best one of the many that have been developed for WordPress. It’s the most versatile and the best news is you can build out with it any way you choose.