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Social Media Marketing

The number of Social Media networks seems to grow exponentially each year. But the number that you should spend any time on advertising or running a PPC campaign is relatively small. And if your business is only a local business, then your opportunities are even smaller.

There are a few that have begun to show themselves as winners for some businesses, and others due to their fantastic targeting capabilities – like Facebook Ads.

Most Popular Social Media Sites


The largest used site


Easy to do because it’s part of Facebook

X (Twitter)

Very niche and many users are not receptive to advertising


Mostly a female oriented network, but will work well for certain niches


Can be expensive to do PPC, but it is good for cheap branding


Videos are the second most important thing you do outside your website


Unsure about the PPC possibilites


Unsure about the PPC possibilites


Unsure about the PPC possibilites

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