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My name is Lynn Stanphill, and I have been helping businesses get online and achieve success since 1998. 

I started with building small business websites and managing their pay per click ads. Over the years, I have watched website technology go from hand coding, to using design tools, to the move into content management systems - like Wordpress - to now using AI to help design, write content, and the creation of images.

Online advertising had made just as many leaps forward. From the original ppc engine called GoTo.com, to the complete dominance of ppc with Google Ads. From old banner ad exchanges to the development of native advertising through 3rd party networks to reach larger audiences. From the original product feed advertising on sites like PriceGrabber, Shopping.com, Nextag, and many more to listing your products on Amazon, Walmart, and most importantly, the Google product feed.

Also, the development of Social Media has opened up an entire new world of opportunities for most businesses.

We can provide you a solid website that will aid in visitor conversions. And, while the sheer number of opportunities to get your product or service in front of the entire world can be overwhelming to most people, we can help identify the best opportunities at the lowest cost to help you direct phone calls, form requests, and online sales through your website.

When you choose us to manage your online presence, you get the benefit of my 25+ years of experience. We have worked with most business verticals and industries and instinctively know what will lead to your success – both online and offline.

Website Design and Development

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Online Advertising

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Search Sales Tripled

Under Lynn’s guidance, search sales more than tripled while expenses were cut in half.
Donna B. – CEO
I’ve trusted Lynn with many of my own customers’ sites for a long time, and I can confidently say he’s one of the best in the biz.

His longevity in the industry, honest work ethic, and client-centric attitude are some of the many reasons I continue to call on him. Lynn also keeps current on the latest web and SEO technologies, so it’s easy to trust his knowledge, expertise, and advice.
Shannon S.
Understands the Intricacies of SEO

Lynn understands the intricacies of SEO and other key aspects of Internet Marketing.
Carlos M., Analyst / Programmer
Vast Industry Knowledge

Lynn has vast industry knowledge and he understands things at a very granular level.
Dale F., Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
I have recommended him dozens of times now.

Lynn has done all of my website work over the years, and I have recommended him dozens of times now.
Mike C., President & CEO
Within 3 weeks, We Received Our First Order

After 2 years of no phone calls, we contacted Lynn, and within 3 weeks we received our first order. Orders now come in from the Internet with regularity.
Bob L., President
Our company’s sales grew by over 30% within a year.
John B., President
I am a consultant in the merger and acquisition business.

Therefore I made them and introduce clients to lots of resources. I call Lynn “my IT department” because whenever I have a question about IT he can answer it or tell me how to go about finding the right solution. He is agnostic toward solutions which is incredibly helpful because I know I’m getting a straight opinion and one not biased. He also has very high degree of integrity. I am willing to serve as a reference for him.
Kevin B.
They built our website over 7 years ago, and it’s still producing phone requests.
J.C., President
After only one day, he lowered our cost per click from $10 to $3.50. He kept us in business.

Our costs were out of control to the point we were losing money each day for months. I was referred to Lynn, and after only one day, he lowered our cost per click from $10 to $3.50. He kept us in business. Thanks.
Eric G., President / CEO
Lynn takes great care in the tasks he is charged with.

He has great knowledge of marketing particularly in the digital space. I have hired him to do work for me and consult him when I have questions.
Jeff Weaver
Lynn was an excellent self driven, self managed team member.

He was results driven, reliable and was accountable for his projects. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is constantly filling the latest trends to keep up to date with the industry.
Gina P.
As a client of Lynn Stanphill for many years … I have a been very impressed with his attention to my business needs.

He has always been very responsive and professional in all our dealings. I would highly recommend him to any company wishing to employ his talents in their business.
Michael S. C.
Lynn established our website presence and is responsible for the ongoing tactical side of our internet marketing needs. He was instrumental in setting up our processes and has always been proactive and timely with respect to our marketing communications.
Steve C.

25+ Years of Experience

Building websites and Internet marketing

1000+ Websites Built

We know what works, and what doesn't

100's of Businesses Types

Successfully built most types of business websites that always produce new leads and sales

$30,000,000+ in Online Sales

We have a proven success methodology for producing leads and sales with nearly every type of internet marketing that exists

We take the time to learn your business and its clients so that we can build both a website and a marketing solution that works for your business

We will create a STRATEGIC PLAN for your business that will increase your prospects, leads, and sales, and then implement a process to help you keep the customers you have.
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