SEO – Search Engine Optimization


Technical SEO Requirements

The use of proper formatted meta tags, title tags, image tags, heading tags, and web site structure can play an important role. Also, there is a duplicate content issue that plaques many web sites. The proper use of robots tags and using a proper web site platform can vastly improve your natural positioning in the Search Engines is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, most web site platforms are built by technicians and programmers with no SEO consultation or understanding of what the Search Engines prefer.

Off Site Links

A Linking Strategy. Listings in industry related online directories, the number of links with the appropriate text that direct people back to your web site, an affiliate program that uses proper technical standards, etc.. This is the one area of SEO that we do not perform, but we do all other SEO on the website.

URL Requirements

The URL structure used on your web site can make a large difference in your natural positioning, as well as make it easier for your visitors to remember and link to your web site. Although the use of query strings in your url is less of an issue today, it is still considered best practice (and probably will always be) to employ a url rewrite strategy to maximize your positioning.

Proper Analysis

The tracking, reporting and most importantly, the analysis of the data collected is critical to provide a guidance in understanding the behavior of your web site visitors. With the proper information, we can modify and optimize the web site to increase conversions. The statistical information also allows us to supplement the search engine marketing efforts with “real” knowledge of what your target client base is searching for.

Keyword Rich Content

A focus on creative content writing for real “human consumption” with an expert knowledge of proper keyword and keyword phrase insertion techniques for search engine purposes, that appear both smooth and natural. The overuse of keyword phrases is slowly becoming an issue as Search Engines are now placing heavier weight considerations on other factors, such as the category structure, off site links, etc..
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