Website Hosting

You have many choices as to who should host your website. As with most website service companies, we offer our own private website hosting for our clients, but ours is not the standard shared hosting environment that most promote and offer.

Our servers are virtual, cloud based servers, which means that your website is hosted across many servers so that if one goes down, your website will continue to run – unlike most others where your site will go down if there are any issues with the server you are on. Backups are run continuously and we run an emergency backup manually at least once a month, and keep those backups for 12 months.

For many of our clients, their websites are an integral part of their business and if their website is not running during the middle of the business day, they could potentially be losing thousands of dollars. The importance of hosting has increased drastically the last 5 years, as more and more businesses are relying on some aspect of their website to generate leads, phone calls and/or sales. If you are an ecommerce store, you cannot afford any downtime at anytime, therefore searching out the cheapest website hosting isn’t a very smart choice.

We only allow our clients to be hosted on our virtual, cloud servers, therefore, we control who has access and monitor the resources every 5 minutes to ensure that any issues are resolved within minutes – not hours.