Budget Pricing for Small Business 1 Page Website Design

We build with WordPress almost exclusively at XEARA. Although we have tested many other Content Management Systems over the years for building websites, WordPress always wins in every way imaginable … But, if someone desires a Wix website, we can accommodate  that request easily.

$195 – 1 Page Website

Includes 2 lifestyle/background images and up to 3 revisions at time of build.

5 Sections:

    1. Header: Logo and top navigation menu with links to other sections below with contact phone and email on the page twice – at top and bottom in footer.
    2. Lifestyle Image Section: Image in the background with statement on top of it of what you do and why choose you to do business with.
    3. About Section: offering information about who you are – usually against a white background, but can be any color – might include the reason to do business with you
    4. Services Section: Lists all the services and products you provide – usually against another background image or color.
    5. Contact Section: Usually considered the footer area with contact info with hours and address, a Google map, and if wanted, a form built with CognitoForm.

Plugins Installed: Classic Editor, Really Simple SSL, Updraft Backups, Wordfence Security, WP Super Cache, Delete Comments, Smush Image Optimization, Loading Page.



    • Current website hosting login: I will need your website hosting login.
    • Our website hosting: I can provide website hosting for $195 / year – would also need your A record on your DNS of your Domain Name updated to the server’s IP address. Your access will be limited to your WordPress installation, in order to keep your own website, and all other clients on the server safe.
    • Company Logo: If no logo is provided, your company name in your font-style will be used at top of website.
    • 2 Images: for 2 background section images that are landscape and at least 1800 pixels in width – includes basic image manipulation (color enhancing, etc.) If you do not provide images, I will choose images from unsplash, and provide credit in the bottom copyright footer bar.
    • Colors and Fonts: If you do not provide colors and fonts for the website, I will use the colors from your logo, or common colors for your business vertical.


    • $30 – Each additional page, includes 1 image included
    • $10 – Each additional image – includes basic image manipulation (color enhancing, etc.)
    • $20 – Add Gallery of images (a maximum of 12 with no image manipulation)
    • $5 – For each gallery image manipulation
    • $20 – 1 Contact form by CognitoForm
    • $20 – Install Widgets for Google Reviews by Trustindex.io for displaying Google reviews.
    • $15 – Add Google Analytics to the website – you will want/need a gmail account to do this with.
    • $5 – per bullet point – Add icons for unordered lists
    • $20 – Add page background video (includes optimizing to feed from website) – should be limited to 10 seconds at most
    • $25 – Create grid blog page style
    • $10 – Install Sucuri plugin (a common second plugin for security monitoring)
    • $20 – Install Popup Maker and create 1 popup ($15 each for additional popups – although it’s not suggested to use more than 1)
    • $10 – Install Google Language Translator or GTranslate plugin
    • $10 – Install One Click Accessibility plugin
    • $10 – Install Yoast SEO or All In One SEO (does not include doing SEO)
    • $10 – Per page for basic SEO (optimized page title, url, meta-description – does not include content SEO)
    • $30 to $150 – Per page for content creation – custom quote
    • $30 – install basic slider and create up to 3 slides
      • $10 – for each additional slide
    • $20 – Install WP Testimonials, Strong Testimonials, or Testimonial Rotator plugin with slider and page (includes up to 5 testimonials)
      • $5 – for each additional testimonial
    • $10 – Install WP Print plugin and setup
    • $50 – Install WPMail SMTP and create SendGrid account and connect to your Domain Name DNS for onsite emailing (needed with any plugin that uses your website to send emails – like Woocommerce and PaidMembershipsPro — You will need to setup Domain Name Email – you@yourdomainname.com
    • $10 – Install Redirection plugin for management of automated redirects and 404 pages
    • $5 for each page to be redirected – reduced price if there a large number of redirected pages (for SEO)
    • $20 – Install basic Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages
    • $20 – Install Easy Accordion (includes adding 5 tabs)
      • $5 for each additional tab
    • $5 – Embed a single video or audio file
    • $20 – Install TheEventsCalendar plugin and setup (does not include adding events)

$ Custom Quote for any future revisions after website is built.

$ Custom Quote for installing and setup of unfamiliar plugin.


Email Fees

You can use your business name at gmail if you want, but it’s usually considered more professional to have your business email be under your domain name. You have 3 main options for this: Google Professional Services, Office365, Rackspace.

    • $100 – to setup 1 email
    • $20 – each for additional emails


Other Services: (all custom quote)

    • Newsletters – to include content creation
    • Local SEO – Google Places / Yelp / Bing Local
    • Onsite SEO – Page Title, Page URL, Meta-Description, Keyworded Content, Header Tags, Image Tags
    • Consulting
    • Content Creation / Blogging
    • Video Creation
    • Livestreaming


WordPress Application Fees:

WooCommerce / PaidMembershipsPro / LearnDash and others

    • $150 – Install and basic setup (includes adding appropriate pages, like the store page to menu with categories as a dropdown)
    • $20 – Install sample products
    • $ Custom Quote – Adding products and images or Memberships or Training
    • $ Custom Quote – WooCommerce – setup shipping and taxes
    • $ Custom Quote – Setup payments
    • $ Custom Quote – Adding non-standard functionality