Client & Location

Dallas, Tx


Client manufacturers an aid that helps violin and viola students learn proper technique when learning how to play their instruments. The average price per sale is low – only about $30, thereby making online marketing difficult at best.

Client had original website built with WordPress using WooCommerce, but the template used to build the website with was terrible and I had never seen an implementation of WooCommerce this bad. Even though the previous website company used the same tools we use, they didn’t use them in a very efficient or proper manner. The presentation and flow of information on the website was not good. Client was also paying about $500 per month for a SEO company to do offsite linking, as well as spending over $500 per month on Google Adwords.


Rebuild the website into a better template, rebuild the site’s pages so that the flow of information made sense and rebuild the cart from scratch.


The site was rebuilt with a proper responsive template, content on all the pages was reorganized, and the cart was rebuilt properly with some additional purchase options. I also researched any results from the SEO and PPC management of the other providers. We rebuilt the Facebook page, added Facebook Ads and tested Google Adwords PPC. We opened an Amazon account and listed the product on Google Merchant Account.


I discovered that the SEO company was a sham and that the PPC management company wasn’t even attempting to track sales, and that sales were non existent for both SEO and PPC. Those companies were dropped immediately, saving the client $1000 per month. Google Adwords was eventually turned off, except for the Google product listing ads, and Facebook Ads are running each day. Amazon is also running. Sales are small, but the client no longer looses money on each sale that is produced.

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