Just make sure that you hire the right one that understands sales!

websitesalesThe least expensive salesman you will ever hire will be your website designer or website developer … or your website.

Your website should produce results – leads, phone calls, form requests, and sales. Just as anyone else you employ or contract to represent your business to the public, your website might be the most important salesman you ever work with. Unfortunately, most business owners view websites as a necessary expense – not as an income generator.

  • Is your phone number displayed prominently in more than one place?
  • Is your website form on every page?
  • Does your navigation provide the ability to find almost any page with one click?
  • Does your search box actually work and return results that are relevent?
  • Is the copy or content on your pages compelling and displayed properly with headlines, bullet points, and small paragraphs?
  • Are you consistently driving new leads to your website – a salesman that never sleeps?
  • Are you working on improving your sales closes – website conversions?
  • Have you personalized your online presence with images of yourself and your company? – People want to do business with people, not businesses.
  • Does your website look like a metal-death rock and roll band or is it an inviting, cheerful representation of your business?
  • Are there videos of you talking about your business – providing a “real live” person to help make the sale?

Do very many business owners really hire these old salesmen today and expect great results?

  • Newspaper
  • Phone Book
  • Magazines
  • Direct Mail
  • Door Hangers
  • Flyers on Auto Windows

Some of these still work depending on your business niche. But most business owners are not in those niches.

Call me and we can talk about hiring your least expensive salesman to drive new sales for your business.