The Internet is changing and so is the way people access it. Today, for many companies, almost 50% of website traffic is coming from Smart Phones or Small Tablets – like IPads and the like. This has forced me to think about how people are viewing websites and I have spent quite a bit of time researching this.

mobile-websiteAll Smart Phones have full browsers today so viewing a full sized website isn’t an issue, but there are some people that prefer to see a mobile version of a website while on their phone. A few small studies that I have found showed that 50% of the public want to see a mobilized version of a website when they are on their phone, and 50% do not. That leaves us with an issue. Which version of a website should we present to the website visitor?I have found a plugin that works very well and is extremely affordable. It has the flexibility to either completely build a custom mobile website, or use the current content and navigation you have on your normal website. You can even choose the pages to present on the menu if you want. For most clients, the cost to implement this would be about $250, assuming I built your wordpress website.

As far as which version to present? You have the choice to show the mobile version first, with a link at the bottom that will go to the full version, or you can show the full version with a link at the bottom that leads to the mobile version.

I think it’s important to do this, but you would have to decide which version you want to show first when a mobile phone visitor lands on your website.

I have also found a plugin that will connect your blog to all the social media outlets, but unless you are adding content on a regular basis, there isn’t a need for that. Again, if you would be interested in that also, let me know.