All modern websites are built with CMS’s. Content Management Systems allow the separation of code from content and look and feel – colors and layout. They also allow the average person with minimum guidance to update and add content without development costs. Therefore, the cost of maintaining and management of the site is extremely low compared to old fashioned, traditional website management.

I use the WordPress CMS to build almost every small and medium sized website I develop. The platform is free, and the development community is the largest in the world. It’s extremely rare when anyone needs to “pay” for development. The only real cost is design and implementation. The savings is $2000 and more on development of a new website. There are even tools to automate most of the design costs of building out the templates to create the look and feel.

The secret to using WordPress is understanding it’s capabilites with the vast library of plugins – task specific code that is written to perform a single function, usually, that simply plugs into the architecture of the CMS that doesn’t interfere with the base code that runs the website. There are even a few ecommerce plugins for WordPress that allow for small ecommerce capabilites.

If your company is needing a website that is built to achieve SEO in Google and Bing, or you simply need to rebuild your website to lower the maintenance costs and bring most content production in house, give WordPress a serious consideration.

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