moviecameraProbably the most important thing you can do for increasing conversions – leads, phone calls, forms filled out – on your website, is to add videos to each of your main pages.The videos DO NOT need to be New York 5th Avenue productions with all the glamour of a Hollywood production. What they DO need to have is a large does of reality. What I mean is that they need to properly reflect your personality, your company, the clients you are targeting, etc.

We have become accustomed to watching online videos for everything – not just for entertainment. There is an entire generation that goes to YouTube for searches, the same way that most of us use Google. A video of you talking about what you do and the difference you can make, or a video explaining what makes your company unique and special is the best thing you can do to promote your business – outside having a website that looks and feels clean and professional. If you are looking to start making your own videos visit

When I added all the videos of my talks about my company on my website, it made 4 big differences.

  • My phone started ringing again from the traffic I was driving to the website with PPC and Craigslist Ads. People called me and were much more comfortable talking to me because they already knew who they were calling and a trust was created from the video.
  • The time on my site for website visitors grew my a significant margin – from about 15 seconds to almost 2 minutes. My site’s stickability was increased. Prospects were watching the videos – mostly to the end of each one. The longer someone is on your website, the more likely they will call you or fill out your form because they feel more comfortable talking or communicating with you.
  • The increased time on your site will lead to better SEO results because Google knows how quickly someone clicks back to their Search Engine after visiting your site. The longer they are there, the more Google thinks your website provided the information they were looking for – it’s called “relevancy”. It can also lead to lower costs per click on your PPC – pay per click advertising. Google decreases the average cost per click if they think that the “relevancy” was good – same as the SEO.
  • You are now playing in another search area called YouTube. People will find your videos on YouTube and it will lead to website visitors and customers.
So, you should seriously consider getting some quality videos shot for your main site’s pages. The cost of shooting videos will almost certainly be returned in increased leads and sales.