Understanding The Buying Cycle

If you understand the buying cycle, then you will know where to focus your marketing dollars.

The Buying Cycle refers to the process that most people go through before they make a purchase.

  • Discovery : The person discovers a new product or concept that interests them. Example: Digital Cameras – you could not make a profit buying these keywords in Google PPC, but you could build SEO Content on your website targeting those keywords.
  • Research : Now they perform research to learn about their options. Example: Canon Digital Camera – you might be able to make a profit on PPC, but this is still best suited for SEO Content.
  • Buy : With all research accomplished, the person is now shopping to buy. Example: Canon Rebel Digital Camera – this is a perfect Long Tail Keyword to not only build SEO Content for, but to purchase on a Google PPC Campaign.

Long Tail Keywords are multiple keword phrases. The more keywords a person uses in a search on Google, the closer they are to making a purchase. When you build SEO Content based upon a few chosen keywords, you always want to include variations of those keywords in the content – synonyms, plurals, etc.. PPC Campaigns are also most profitable when you focus most of your attention on these keywords.

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