Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away. - Paul Terry

Humans are creatures of habit, and without habits, we tend to get nothing accomplished – LOL.

We all need a daily and weekly work routine that keeps us on track – especially those of us that are self employed. When you don’t answer to the bell each morning in an office, it’s very easy to get relaxed on working a daily schedule. But without the schedule, and a certain amount of discipline, you will eventually be out of clients and/or a job.

You should have a routine that you follow each day to keep you on track. I have a friend that for years would actually get up, get dressed, then leave the house to go eat breakfast and read the newspaper, and then go back home to go to his “office” to work. The physical movement of leaving the house and coming back each morning, helped him keep a sense of a work schedule. He would then go out to lunch, and come back for his afternoon work time. It worked for him for years.

One of the great benefits of working for yourself is that your time is your own – you can do things during the day, like going to the store or getting your hair cut, and never have to deal with the crowds — but you better make up the time not worked during the day when most people are not at work – like in the evenings and early mornings.

My schedule is laid out on my Google calendar and is instantly accessible on my computer or phone. Just like in the days of day planners, I live and die by my calendar. Between that and my project management system – Insightly – I try to stay focused  each day and on track.

Take a few minutes and evaluate your daily and weekly schedule. I bet there is quite a bit of wasted time that could be used for making more money – or spent with the family.