• Everyone should have a part time business, or two.
  • Everyone should be doing something on the side that has potential to make a bit more money.
  • Everyone needs the tax write-offs of the business deductions that come with business expenses.
  • Everyone should be motivated to do more in life than just make a living.

Even if your part time business idea is a charity, in which you solicit other’s personal time or funds to help others, we all need something outside our daily grind work, jobs, and businesses.

With the advent of the Internet, everyone has the ability to connect with others that would have a need for your service or product, would be willing to purchase a solution to their problem, or is simply looking for another form of entertainment.

Making a difference in other’s lives with offering a service or product is more fulfilling at the end of your life, than just saying, I worked 40 years and made a paycheck — but didn’t really do anything of value for others.

In my own business, I really enjoy helping other business owners get started online with their websites and helping them attract new clients from the Internet. I help them grow their businesses and make a difference in their lives and their family’s lives.

Not everyone is made for business ownership, but you can invest your time in others at church, or other charitable organizations that help others in different ways.

So evaluate your life and it’s impact on the world around you, and think for a moment. Are you leaving the world in a better place than when you came into it? If not, then make a change and in one way or another and let’s leave the next generation something better than what is going on now.