Keywords – The Secret to Online Marketing Success

The research and choice of the keywords and keyword phrases you choose for your web site and online marketing efforts will absolutely determine your success or failure. All aspects of internet marketing are centered on your keywords. We find what we want in Google or any other search engine by typing in keywords.

  • Keywords represent the encapsulation of our intent and desires when we attempt to find any information about anything.
  • Keywords are the foundation of your web site’s navigation – taxonomy.
  • Keywords provide the anchor text links that provide the weight to what’s important on your web site.
  • Keywords are what you buy when you create and run a pay per click campaign.
  • Keywords provide the guidance to the search engine robot to know what your web site page is about.

Ask your web site team, development or marketing people, "What is the most important element of our success online?".  If their answer isn’t Keywords, then perhaps you should find another team to work with.