No one is going to make a decision about doing business with you based upon what your business card looks like — but, they will based upon how your website looks!

Today, almost everyone visits a company’s website before they call, buy, or consider driving to and visiting. It is absolutely imperative that your website is professional and provides the information that people are searching for. I didn’t say it had to be the most artistic thing in the world – it doesn’t, but your website does need to meet a few criteria if you want to convert the visitors to leads and sales.

Top 10 things your website must have or do:

  • A color scheme that matches your company and industry.
  • Images that show professionalism in your industry, and/or reflect the attitude of your business, and/or that target your client profile. If you are a small service company, show images of you and your employees. Make it more of a family feel. People want to do business with people they trust and respect.
  • Your phone number at the top and at the bottom of every page.
  • Easy navigation. Don’t make anyone click 3 times to find what they want – keep it to 1 click.
  • A contact form on each page makes it convenient to anyone to contact you at any moment they are on your site.
  • On the content or the copy on the website pages, use a lot of headlines and bullet points. Try to keep paragraphs to not more than 4 sentences.
  • Use a rotating header image, a rotating sidebar ad, or a home page slider, to display your top 3-5 services or products. Don’t make people search hard to know exactly what you do – keep it simple.
  • Explain quickly what makes you different from all your competition – Why would someone want to do business with you?
  • Rotate client testimonials on all your pages.
  • Videos will and can double your conversion rates for visitors to your website.