Google Keyword and Website Research Tools

As you plan out your website, blogging, and social strategies, wouldn’t it be nice to know which keywords and keyword phrases are the correct ones to use and build upon?

Google Insights is a tool that provides you the ability to research keywords, and keyword phrases. This is critical when researching your website content or PPC (pay per click) strategy.

It even has the ability to show you your competitor’s keywords by using their url instead of searching keywords only.

Google Keyword Tool (found inside the Google Adwords account) provides you the top 800 keyword phrases and the number of times they are searched on Google.

Although with both, the numbers are not exact, there is enough information to provide relative analysis to aid in your decisions. I use both when building out the keywords and keyword phrases for both the content on a website and blog, as well as helping to build out the keywords on a PPC campaign.

There are other keyword research tools on the net, and they can provide you some really good information. But with Google controlling over 70% of the search market, it only makes sense to use their tools if you are trying to gain ground in their results.

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