An understanding of this could save you thousands of dollars in promoting and advertising your business with online marketing methods.

Unless someone is motivated to buy through an impulse buying decision, people generally come to a buying decision for a product or service with a 3 step process.


DISCOVERY : This can happen instantaneously or slowly from a company’s branding campaign. They wake up one day and realize there is something they need or want. While talking to a friend or co-worker, they discover a new product or idea that interests them. While cruising the Internet, they see something that perks their interest and click to see what it’s all about.

RESEARCH : After developing an interest, they spend the next few minutes to literally months of time researching, reading, and asking questions about the new product, idea or service. Once they are ready, either they now have the money or they have made a decision to purchase, they move onto the last one.

BUY : If they haven’t decided where to purchase from, they would now price shop and make the purchase.

Now, where to spend your money with Online Marketing?

Unless you are spending money on a Branding Campaign, Discovery and Research is where you spend money for SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

PPC – Pay Per Click (Google Ads and such) is for the Buy part of the cycle. If your budget is limited and you are wanting to run a profitable advertising campaign, then you target your Internet Advertising to PPC campaigns with Ad Copy that targets only those prospects that are ready to buy now.

Whether your business is small, or has sales of tens or hundreds of millions of dollars each year, XEARA can help you and your business achieve it’s goals with truly affordable Online Marketing.

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