Email Marketing / Newsletters
Staying in contact with your current clients and prospects is and will always be your least expensive way of making new sales. Not only do you have the opportunity to sell other services and products, you stay top of mind with your database. You will also build a large personal referral market from this method. I would suggest only twice a month.

PPC – Pay Per Click
The purchasing of keywords and ads with PPC is likely your best place to attract new leads and clients that are not referred. People don’t use the yellow pages anymore for most searches. They use their laptop or smart phone. The proper placement of ads in the number one place people search will yield a continual stream of new prospects, leads and sales – if managed properly.

Craigslist / Online Classifieds
Craigslist has replaced most large city classified ads. It has also replaced to a degree the yellow pages for people looking for services and products. It is possible that you could increase your business by 20-50% by placing quality ads that have images, links and call to actions, on Craigslist. There are a few other classified ad websites that you might give a try, but they will not produce the same results. The good news is that listing in these are free, but you need to understand the listing rules and guidelines and how to work around them at times. Others: Ebay Classifed Ads, Oodle, Backpage, etc.

Google, Yahoo and Bing Maps
It’s possible that you could increase your website’s traffic by 30% or more by working your online map listings. Claim or Create your map listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Once you do, then optimize them with keywords and descriptions. Make sure your content you provide is the same on all to aid in SEO. Then tie them back to your PPC ads for a more effective online presence. You will also need to monitor any reviews that are left online and counter any negative ones with 4-5 positives reviews.