1. A Website is a Marketing and Advertising Tool – Not a Capital Expense

If you view your website as an expense, and not as an advertising lead and sales generator, then you will make decisions that are based upon a false assumption and your website will never convert visitors well.

2. Yellow Pages and Newspaper Advertising is Dead and Direct Mail is close behind

Google, Bing, Craigslist, and to a smaller extent – Social Media are the new forms of advertising and marketing – Client Referrals and growing your personal network is always the best, but for most companies, the Internet is second.

3. The more Local your business – The Easier it is to gain new customers from Online Methods – and if your business is nationwide, then focus on 1 or 2 metropolitan areas to prove what works and what doesn’t before you go nationwide. 

Local businesses have an easier time online because they are only targeting a radius of between 5 -35 miles, therefore there is less competition online for both advertising and SEO. Second – Google maps along with Yahoo and Bing will be in your top 5 sources of local online traffic if you set them up properly and optimize them with the correct keywords.