Weekly Online Marketing Tip!

This week’s tip is about Craigslist!

Many companies are experiencing success by marketing and advertising their services and products on Craigslist. It is FREE and their platform accepts HTML for beautiful, branded campaigns.

If you offer a service, then simply place your ad in the “Services” category. With a product, it would be placed in the “For Sale” category.

The Secret
Your ad must include the most important keywords in the title, and the copy should include every keyword possible that people would use to search for your product or service.

You have the ability to provide links to your website (with HTML coding) and the ad will stay live for 45 days.

Depending on your company’s niche, once a week could be enough to drive new leads and sales. If you are in an extremely competitive niche, you might need to create a bi-weekly or even daily campaign to be successful. But the real catch is —- Your ads must be different enough in their content so that their automated filters are not triggered and your ads are deleted. Craigslist does not want you to repost the same ad multiple times which would be considered spamming their platform. Therefore, it would be best to create ads that focus on different aspects of your service or different products.

At a minimum, a once a week campaign of 7 ads will allow you to repost each of the 7 ads over and over with minimum effort every 7 weeks when that ad expires.

If you would like help in creating a 7 week campaign of HTML ads and the initial posting of those ads, please contact me about this service.

Client Referral


Stay away from Retail Office Furniture Stores unless showrooms facinate you, and Money is NO object.

Seriously, it is totally possible to Overpay by 25-50% for the exact same items provided by InYourOffice.

In the DFW marketplace . . . there are only a few In-Stock Office Furniture Distributors. These sources for New Office Furniture provide 80% of the mid-market products selected by all of our clients.

Pre-Owned Office Furniture is a TREASURE HUNT. . . and what you need is an experienced, well connected resource. My company, InYourOffice has developed all of the right connections over the 25 years.

If you are moving, upgrading, or opening a new business, do yourself a favor and give me a quick call to discuss your needs. I know I can save you 50-80% on your purchase – New or Used.

Why go anywhere else?

Michael S. Conrad
www.InYourOffice.net – Blog
www.InYourOffice.info – Virtual Store

North Texas Networking Group

For those in the DFW area, I highly recommend attending the North Texas Networking Group on Tuesdays. They meet at On The Border in Lewisville, TX at Corporate Dr and I35. The time is 11:30 – 1:00, every Tuesday lunch.

You will not find a finer group of people interested in helping each other grow their businesses.