WordPress Content Management System

We build with WordPress almost exclusively at XEARA. Although we have tested many other Content Management Systems over the years for building websites, WordPress always wins in every way imaginable.


Ease of use


Achieves fantastic SEO in Google and other search engines


Largest user base – actual users


Over 10 years of development – started in 2003


Largest number of plugins providing extended functionality – both free and paid


Ability to change the look and feel of a website within minutes or small number of hours, depending on the template you are using

There are even ecommerce plugins to turn WordPress into a fully functional ecommerce store. But in our opinion, there is only one to be used in 100% of applicable situations – WooCommerce. Although the base set of scripts are completely free, just like WordPress, additional functionality will likely cost you more, it’s well worth the expense so that your next ecommerce website has all the features you could possibly need, to include blogging – which was WordPress’s original intent.


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