Craigslist – It’s free and easy – Just Do It!

  • Anytime you can list your business services for free to an audience that’s as large as Craigslist’s is, and you don’t, that’s just not smart – to put it nicely.

Newsletters / Email Marketing – It’s Almost Free and It’s The Most Profitable Thing You Will Spend Money On

  • Open an account with MailChimp and you can likely do your twice a month newsletter for free.

Pay Per Click Advertising on Google, Bing / Yahoo, LinkedIn, and now Facebook

  • This will work for 95% of businesses … BUT … if you don’t know what you are doing, you better get someone that does – like me. You could go broke and get nothing for your time and money … but when it’s managed properly, it can pay off in a very big way.

Social Media Drip Feeds

  • Sit down over a weekend, open up a spreadsheet and develop 4-5 messages a day that will last for at least 3 months. Then load them into a system like Hootsuite that will allow you to drop them in automatically every day to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

SEO Your Website, or Better Yet — Blogging For Dollars With Your Website

  • Your website probably needs a bit of SEO, but what you really need is to blog on a regular basis – at least 2-3 times per week.