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Client is a non profit organization that is focussed on building a network of finance professionals that gather once a month for lunch or happy hour gatherings. Twice a year, they have a fundraiser that includes a Christmas party and a charity golf tournament in the Spring.


Their website had been broken for months, and they tracked all members and sales with spreadsheets. They needed a new website and a solution for tracking members and collecting yearly dues, as well as the ability to schedule events and collect pre-payments for those events.


We strongly suggested that they utilize a third party membership system called WildApricot. Although we could have pieced something together, it would not have been as fully functional and easy to manage as using a third party provider that had everything they needed built into a single login.


After gathering all the needed spreadsheets and documents from several board members, we built out the new website and imported all the contacts and current members into WildApricot. We then setup the next 2 events, and created the Newsletter master template that would be utilized for future emails. We continue to manage the system for the client on a monthly basis, adding new events, sending out multiple newsletters, and adding any new contacts and members that have issues signing up.

We also built out their Facebook page and created a Meetup page that continues to attract new members. All events are announced several times with the newsletters in WildApricot, Meetup announcements, and Facebook updates. We are also utilizing LinkedIn status updates to announce events also.


20160516 – After 1.5 years of using WildApricot, the membership numbers have increased and the number of attendees at events have also risen. We attribute part of this increase to using WildApricot.

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