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Owner had built business from scratch doing all the PPC on his own for years, but after 2009, the competition and cost per click on Google Adwords had been driven so high, that he was losing over $100 on every new client he gained. At a cost of over $10 per click, he would not stay in business long. He was currently operating in 3 cities.

I was referred to him and after a phone call and a short meeting in person, he agreed to let me try to do something about the increased cost.


Managing Google Adwords had, and to this day, has become so complicated and difficult that the average business owner cannot manage it on their own without spending too much money to drive a phone call or lead. I needed to bring his average cost per click back down to a level that would make each online sale profitable again.


After one day, I lowered his average cost per click from over $10 to $3.50, and over the next couple of months, I was able to lower it to just under $2 per click.


Literally overnight, he became profitable again and we were able to assist him for the next 6 years in managing the incremental growth of the average cost per click, and at the same time increasing the long tail keywords that helped to reduce the overall cost per client. We opened 5 more cities during that time.

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