IBikeSports / IBikeForum

Client & Location

Jupiter, Florida


The Client sells a bicycle computer with all the needed accessories. Has 2 websites that needed to be moved to a new hosting solution and a webmaster to manage updates on the websites. One is an ecommerce website that was split between a private WordPress hosting solution and BigCommercce, and the other was an online forum using phpbb.


To move the sites without minimal interruption to any online sales or postings in the forum.


Move the 2 sites in the evenings, preferably on a Friday or Saturday night.


Both websites were moved without incident onto our virtual cloud hosting server.


20160415 – Client decided to leave BigCommerce due to price increases. The way the original WordPress site had been built, it wasn’t fully responsive in design. We told client we could rebuild the ecommerce store into WordPress using WooCommerce (a WordPress plugin) as the shopping cart. Although it took a bit longer to move than expected, we rebuilt the website’s template into a fully responsive design and moved the ecommerce onto the newly rebuilt website with only minor issues that were resolved within minutes. We even found an unreported bug in WooCommerce, but was able to identify the issue and program the fix within 1.5 hours.

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