Client & Location

Dallas, Tx


About 5 years ago, we had rebuilt the client’s original website into a custom built WordPress theme and incorporated a small ecommerce shopping cart. To provide mobile phone access, we had implemented a WordPress plugin that simply took the information on the website and presented it in a mobile phone fashion. Although it wasn’t responsive, it solved the issue for mobile phones.

Along with the client, we agreed that the website needed to be rebuilt into a fully responsive template to update it’s look and feel, and the focus of the client’s online sales strategy had changed from being a generalized first aid supply ecommerce store, to one that focussed entirely on AED and AED parts.


Rebuild the site with a new responsive look and gear it towards the more focussed AED strategy. Also, implement a new shopping cart using WooCommerce.


After 2-3 weeks of discussions about what the new website should look like, we settled on the current look and feel and rebuilt the ecommerce cart with all new products.


The current website it much cleaner in it’s appearance and the focus went from being a generalized informational website with a first aid supply store, to being a fully focussed AED supply store. AED sales have also increased since the rebuild, but we cannot say for sure that it isn’t partially related to the client’s offline sales strategy.

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