The classic sales funnel that we have all seen many times in our business lives with the top being focused on driving traffic to your website, email or phone. 

Now, the question is what are you doing regularly to keep your sales funnel full? … With, or without the Internet and websites, one thing hasn’t changed. Sales is a numbers game. If you are working a warm, referred market where people come to you, or you are working a cold, non referred market, the only difference is the numbers you need to work. But the principle is usually the same. If you work enough numbers, if you do things that keep the top of your funnel full, then sales will happen as a result – even if your conversions are terrible. Improving conversions is another topic for another day.

Your goal should be to never stop prospecting – never top pushing prospects into the funnel. Even if you have all the referred business you can handle, you should never stop filling the top with new leads, because eventually, that wonderful referral market you are making your living on will start to dry up and if you haven’t replaced those referral sources, you will eventually go out of business, or you will go into panic mode, and prospects and leads can smell panic mode a mile away. That’s a fact Jack! – LOL

How to fill your funnel?

  • Craigslist Ads – Free to get new prospects
  • Newsletters – Twice a month (it’s the easiest, and cheapest way to stay in front of your clients and prospects)
  • Facebook Ads – Target the exact market you want to reach
  • Google Adwords / Bing Ads – PPC – Target people searching your keywords
  • LinkedIn Ads – Target people that fit a business profile
  • SEO Strategy – Includes Blogging for SEO (sort of like Dialing for Dollars, for those that remember)
  • Exchanging contact lists with business relationships
  • Attend a few Networking groups that allow open membership for business verticals
  • Attend a business conference  that attracts your market, as a Vendor with a booth – Most will provide you the list of all the attendees – if they do not, don’t participate
  • There are many others –

What are you doing to feed your funnel?