This weeks message is short and simple.

It’s a new year again and you need to think about this for a moment.

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

  • How many potentially productive hours did you lose last year watching tv? – Everyone needs a diversion now and then, but not every night in front of the boob tube.
  • How many million dollar ideas have you left floating in the ether? – Put them on paper or on your computer and stare at them until you decide which ones are actionable now, and then do something.

I have my business XEARA, and that keeps me very busy every day, but I have 7 other business ideas that should be explored, developed, and tested on a part time basis. Of the 7, I have actually already done some of this, but let most of it drop the last few months.

With renewed focus, I fully intend to get 4 of the 7 up and running this year — and I have a timetable to help be stay focused on getting it done.

Remember: Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes … or as one of my business heroes, Art Williams used to say, “Just Do It” ….. long before Nike stole it from him.