Anybody and everyone can …

  • build a website today
  • open an Adwords account with Google and do their own online advertising
  • start an ecommerce store and try to sell online
  • begin a Facebook page, open a Twitter account, and start posting to Social Media

But the question is: Should you?

With the do it yourself tutorials online, the website builder systems and templates, and the pay as you go ecommerce systems, you would have to ask yourself, why pay someone to do it for me, or pay someone to consult with me on how to do it?

The answer is: Because it will take you years of experience to gain the edge that will help and guide you to achieving success online.

  • It’s the little things that you learn over time.
  • The mistakes that have to be made to gain the experience to know what works, and what doesn’t work.
  • Not every piece of advice you read online, or that the Google rep tells you is in your best interest, or is even relevant today.

A few examples:

  • In terms of SEO, what are the 3 most important things on every website page that you need to take care of, to have an easier time getting indexed near the top of Google for your local business?
  • How should you best present your information about your business on the website to satisfy both Google and the website visitor?
  • Should you pay for links in online directories to help build a linking strategy for Google? … if so, which ones?
  • How do you write an ad for Google that will draw the eyes of your prospects away from your competition to view your ad first?
  • What is the best keyword strategy for your business? … there are multiple strategies and they do not all work equally for everyone.
  • Is an ecommerce system that only charges me $25 or $50 per month a good deal? … or should I build one myself?
  • If I use an online built it yourself system, how do you know if the system will help you or hurt you in Google’s search engine?
  • Should you buy Facebook ads to promote your business on Facebook, or pay them to show your postings?

I could write a book on all the questions you should ask yourself and check to make sure you are making a good decision.

The truth is, the easiest thing for you to do and to succeed at is probably Social Media. Just be careful you don’t spend a lot of money promoting posts and buying likes without talking to me first.

Your website and it’s online marketing is absolutely critical to most businesses today. No one takes anyone serious about doing business with you if your website looks bad, and you can spend thousands of dollars buying ads on Google and not make a single sale.

If you still want to do it all yourself, then at least pay someone for some consulting time. It will pay off in potential lost hours, days, weeks, months and even years.