If you are like most, we don’t keep in contact with our clients enough. Sure we communicate with those that request a task to be done, or call us, but how often are we emailing or talking with the ones that we don’t necessarily hear from on a monthly basis?

Do you have clients that you invoice monthly for a service, that you haven’t talked with in months?

It is very important to send out newsletters like this one to your clients, as well as all previous prospects and contacts, but in our day to day operations, we are usually busy putting out fires – all the time it seems for some of us.

Have you reviewed what your clients are purchasing from you currently, to see if there is anything else that you offer that they likely need? I bet that you could increase next month’s sales by 25% simply by doing this one thing.

But the most important reason to keep in contact with your clients is because you should care about their businesses and their success.

I am as guilty as everyone else at staying so busy that I don’t take care of the small things. In fact, it’s easy to simply lose track of where all your clients are at and what their needs are.

Take some time this week and set aside 3-4 hours to just review each account and touch base with the ones you haven’t talked to in awhile. Your business — and your clients will thank you for it.