The year is almost half over!

0b4f3538-b5b5-42d6-ade3-9cb5eae10c96It’s time to ask yourself if you are achieving your goals for this year.

Are you?

  • Did you implement any new lead strategies?
  • Are you focusing on building out your circle of influence and contacts?
  • That bi-monthly newsletter — Do you have that going yet?
  • Blogging for Dollars — Are distributing information about your company and it’s services and products on a weekly basis to the Internet?
  • Tweeting for Dollars — same thing.
  • Dialing for Dollars — there are a few of you making cold calls. Are you hitting your numbers each day or week?
  • Working LinkedIn?
  • Craigslist Ads – Yes, they have diminished the return and results you might get from it – but it’s still FREE, and you will get a large account from it occasionally that makes it more than worth the money you spend …. which is nothing … only a few minutes each morning.
  • What personal relationships have you made stronger and which ones have you initiated?

Anytime is a good time to get back on track if you have derailed your business leads train. So use this week to get going again. Before you know it, the Holidays will be on top of you.

Don’t let the last half of the year breeze by you like the first half has.