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My background is extremely varied and I possess a combination of skills and talents, that when combined together, will provide the appropriate company a large competitive advantage over their online marketplace competition. These, along with the proven methodology I have developed, are what sets me apart from most Internet Marketers and have fueled the successes I have achieved.

Over the last 18+ years, I have worked within the Internet Technologies field. A strong sales and graphic arts background naturally led me to focus most of my attention on Internet Marketing, Sales and Advertising. In addition, my involvement within many varied businesses has given me a unique understanding of the various methods and techniques used in client development and customer acquisition.

The fact that I have built more than 200 web sites has provided me knowledge of what worked and what did not for many types of businesses and industries. The experience and processes gave me the insight on how to build marketing techniques into a web site, thus enhancing my ability to not only manage a company’s online marketing, but to also direct and manage their web site services.

Increase Your Total Sales by 20-25% … Cut Your Expenses by 50% … At No Cost to You!

  • The success rates I have achieved for Internet Marketing are consistent. An increase in total business sales of 20-25% is the norm, along with a decrease in expenses of at least 50%. In fact, online sales will typically double within 3-6 months. A current client was spending $100,000 per month in advertising and within 3 months, I decreased that amount to $35,000 per month and doubled sales. I am successful with every type of online marketing: SEM / PPC, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Shopping Comparison Channels and Ebay.
  • My Management skills are unique in the fact that I have successfully worked with people and processes in nearly every aspect of a business relationship, as well as having worked within many varied businesses.
  • Employer/Manager, Recruiter/Trainer, Salesman, B2B/Wholesale, B2C/Retail
  • Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Corporations, Brokerage/Agency
  • Computer Equipment & Peripherals, Apparel, Sporting Goods, Nutritional Supplements, Auto Financing, Office & Home Furnishings, Alternative Medicine, Real Estate, Fulfillment & Technical Services, Auto Sales, Graphic Arts, Private Investigation, Educational Supplements, Advertising & Promotions, Insurance & Investments
  • I have a proven Methodology for creating, managing and optimizing online advertising campaigns, as well as the Technical requirements necessary to position a web site presence naturally in the Search Engines. By following some clear and basic guidelines, a company can usually achieve top rankings for most of their business interests.
  • Alongside the technical requirements, the need for Creative, clearly written and concise, keyword-rich content on the web site is necessary. The copy on the web site must inform and educate the prospect, and motivate them to act and produce a conversion for the company – either a request for more information, a phone call, or a sale. In addition, choosing the correct keyword phrases for your Search Engine Marketing (PPC), and writing relevant and proper Ad Copy is perhaps the most important aspect of any campaign, yet the most misunderstood.
  • Free Internet Marketing & Web Services Management
    The unique skills and experiences I bring to the table, along with a proven track record of decreased expenses and increased sales, will more than cover my fees by a significant margin. I have never been an expense to any company I have worked with due to their increased profitability from the services I provide.

The Natural Method of Internet Marketing

Since my move into online sales and marketing, I developed what I call “The Natural Method of Internet Marketing”. This method of producing sales and conversions evolved while working with many types of small to medium sized companies and varied industries. About 2 years ago, I started working with larger clients and employers and, in the process, proved that my methodology works equally as well, if not better, for larger sized companies and employers. In fact, it is actually very rare when the goals of increasing sales 20-25% and decreasing expenses can’t be accomplished. One of the goals behind my method is to develop Brand Awareness through the Internet by diversifying a company’s online presence with all available advertising channels, thus increasing sales and web site positioning organically.

Web Site Development, Design, and Marketing Principles Coordination

There are numerous marketing, and search engine optimization issues that should be interwoven into the web site platform and design. Customer reviews, buyer guides, cross-sell product placements, SEO technical requirements, and the like, need to be built into the design of the web site and not added as an afterthought – which is always a compromise. Unfortunately, many web site managers do not have a background in sales and marketing, which in certain circumstances, is a detriment to a company’s online sales success. My experience can help in identifying and addressing these types of issues that can provide quite a boost in online sales, and improve conversions across all advertising channels.

Latest Marketing Achievement –

My last major project was a catalog based, direct marketer that operates 4 web sites and mails 40 catalogs per year. Online and catalog sales were well over $50,000,000, of which I was responsible for an increase from $4,000,000 in online marketing sales to almost $12,000,000 in a 2 year timeframe.

In the first 24 months, these results were accomplished:

  • % of Online Marketing Sales to Total Company Sales increased from 6% to 20%
  • Online Marketing Sales tripled – an increase of over 150%
  • Advertising Expenses cut from 20% to 10%
  • Conversion Rates increased significantly while targeting the base customer
  • Affiliate Marketing Sales doubled almost every year
  • Managed the introduction and growth of the integration
  • Built and launched the product feeds for every major Shopping Comparison Engine (, PriceGrabber, ShopZilla, etc.)
  • Consulted and developed an SEO strategy involving both content and technical requirements
  • Researched and assisted the move into Community / Social Marketing

Technical and Creative Strengths and Experiences

Keyword Use

I have a “unique understanding” of the use of keywords as it relates to all Internet applications and technologies. From their use in SEO to Email campaigns, few people comprehend the necessity and importance of keywords. Keywords provide the backbone of most online marketing. If they are not properly used and implemented from both a practical SEO technique, to their use from a psychological standpoint, the results of any online promotional activity will be greatly diminished. This relates to everything from Ebay to Web Pages, Email campaigns and all advertising.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing / Pay Per Click campaigns

I have created and managed many PPC campaigns, some of which were over 50,000 keywords, while working within and maintaining set monthly budgets ranging from $1000 – $100,000 per month. I understand the differences between keyword ad purchases and content targeted advertising. I can always increase exposure and number of ads shown and increase the numbers of clicks while maintaining the same or lower monthly budget. Experience with Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture), MSN AdCenter, Ask,, Adsonar, LookSmart, and many others.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Techniques

I have a strong ability for SEO. The importance of “Keywords” within both the web page, and the use of by the online searcher creates a unique process. My average success rate of positioning company web sites through natural Search Engine positioning techniques were usually 30-50% Top 10 positions. This success rate is based upon the reporting of chosen keyword / keyword phrases for the top 3 Search Engines: Google, MSN and Yahoo, which account for about 85% of all searches on the Internet. From the technical aspects to developing a linking strategy, my SEO services will exceed expectations.

Affiliate Marketing

I have managed affiliate marketing for 6 different companies ranging in size from small to multi-million dollar corporations. Currently, I manage 1 company that is using the Commission Junction network. I have increased sales through proper communication with the affiliate network, providing quality creative – banners and text links, timely coordination with current promotions and email campaigns and instituting innovative guidelines. Also, while enforcing the company trademark restrictions, I decreased expenses, while maintaining consistent or increased sales.

Community and Social Marketing

The emergence of social marketing in the marketplace has yet to be defined by most companies. The core elements involve the web site users, visitors and clients participating and contributing to your online presence. Providing an outlet and encouraging people to write product reviews, comments and opinions and the like is critical to the new technologies. But, in order to take full advantage of these methodologies, it will involve building new web site templates or an improved online platform for most online properties. In addition, the creation of viral marketing techniques will take a new mindset and understanding that the activities can’t be necessarily tracked to individual sales, as with more traditional online marketing.

Web Site Design and Development

I possess the skill and experience to create, manage and coordinate the various fields involved within web development to include: programming, artwork and design and copy writing. With a solid understanding of both the technical side and the creative side, I can easily explain to both non-technical and technically oriented people the processes necessary to implement and create any web site development project. Also, a missing component in most design teams is a solid understanding of the “user interface”. A winning web site design must be completely user friendly and the click paths through the site must be clearly defined, visible and intuitive.

Third Party Sales Channel Specialist – Ebay,, Comparison Networks, etc.

Researched and managed the implementation and expansion of marketing into Ebay,, along with various shopping comparison web sites. My experience with these online channels and keyword strategies provide me a unique understanding of the requirements as it pertains to search and product positioning, as well as the peculiarities of the various online marketplaces.

Client Profiling & Motivations

A very clear, precise understanding of your potential client and their motivations to purchase are extremely important to developing and fine tuning any marketing campaign. The use of online client surveys and building of client profiles are essential many times.

Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Provide a detailed analysis of all current online marketing and sales, and consult on possible changes to improve marketing strategy based upon personal experience, research and industry trends. A colleague once said that I have the natural ability to glance at minimal statistical information, internalize the data and instinctively know what the correct action is that needs to be taken – especially when I combined that information with my varied business experience.

Email Campaigns

I have overseen and reported on the email campaigns for 3 large corporations. While using my background and experience in both print and online advertising, I analyze and consult on possible improvements to the marketing. My skills and understanding of SEO provide the ability to create advertising copy that will catch a viewer’s eyes and imagination to elicit the desired response – a click for more information, or the sale.



Talents & Attributes

  • Musically and artfully creative
  • Logical and methodical in approach
  • Strong natural research capabilities
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Trained in sales by the top trainers in the nation – Tom Hopkins / AL Williams
  • Quick to understand a situation and provide solutions to current problems
  • Understands entrepreneurial mindset
  • Studied success principles for years with self improvement and practical applications
  • Ability to learn most things quickly


  • Manufacturing – Scented Candles
  • Graphic Arts Industry – all aspects
  • Antiques / Reproductions / Vintage Sales – Retail and Internet
  • Multi-Level Businesses – Both as Owner / Creator and Participant
  • Agency / Brokerage – Insurance and Securities
  • Sole Proprietor and Partnerships
  • Internet, Web Design, Sales and Promotions
  • Online & Ebay Sales

Experiences and Training

  • Military Service – 4 years
  • Sales – Products & Services
    • Consulting – Business and Personal
    • Computer Repair
    • Printing and Forms
    • Wholesale B2B
    • Retail
    • Insurance
    • Securities
    • Loans
    • MLM Products
    • Candles
    • Antiques and Reproductions
    • Web Design and Promotions
    • Online internet Sales
    • Ebay Auctions and Store Sales
    • Automotive – New and Used
    • Sporting Goods
  • Insurance, Securities and Loan Sales
  • Recruiting
  • Put together sales presentations & training and performed weekly meetings for years
  • Cold call telemarketing
  • Ability to research and report on most topics
  • Visited most of the Continental US
  • Lived in Europe 2+ years
  • Traveled to Asia
  • Developed a personal business referral network
  • Offset Printing: Performed all duties from front desk, pre-press, pressman to bindery
  • Developed within 3 months, with no prior knowledge, a candle manufacturing process that produced a scented candle that out performed 95% of all candles manufactured
  • Auto sales – New & Used
  • Set up, maintain and monitor web site hosting accounts and email
  • Created many web site designs and layouts
  • Coordinated web site development projectsDeveloped, Implemented, Monitored and Reported:
    • SEM – Pay Per Click Campaigns
    • SEO – Natural Search Engine ranking strategies – Large Success Rates
    • Managed Affiliate Marketing Campaigns – both Private and Commission Junction
    • Monitored and provided Strategic Consulting for multiple Email Campaigns
    • Managed and Implemented Third Party Sales Channel Platforms: Ebay,,, PriceGrabber, etc.
    • Provide Statistical Analysis and Reporting with Urchin Analytics, WebTrends and CoreMetrics
    • Web Site Development Projects
Lynn Ray Stanphill

Lynn Ray Stanphill

Online Business Consultant & Speaker